About Us

– As an organization adding value to its employees, contractors and country, and always together with its personnel who love their job, are honest, develop themselves, share their knowledge and are aware of essential nature of efficient work;
– Keep food safety at the highest level while producing quality chocolate and pastry products in healthy environment and conditions,
– Ensure compliance with food safety and halal conditions at all stages starting from raw materials, to control the environmental aspects by examining the life cycles, to reduce the amount of waste generated, to ensure that our activities comply with the standards and the expectations of the relevant parties,
– Follow the innovations by carrying out Research and Development activities and to ensure the use of the latest technologies related to the sector,
– Comply with national and international legislation regarding the systems, and to fulfill the conditions of the organizations to which it is a member on a voluntary basis, to carry out internal and external communication in a transparent manner.
– Comply with Quality, Food Safety, Halal, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Social Responsibility and BRC standards and continuously improve effectiveness to maintain compliance
– Use natural resources efficiently and to prevent environmental pollution at its source, leaving a livable environment for future generations,
– Always consider its employees and stakeholders as their most valuable asset and comply with the necessary Occupational Health and Safety legislations to prevent any loss due to, to take precautions against occupational accidents and diseases at source
– Increase the awareness of customers on Safe Food, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety by ensuring the participation of all stakeholders, thanks to the context, culture and years of knowledge of our organization,
– Meet customer expectations at the highest level without compromising product quality and protect our brand value,
– Identify, evaluate, monitor, and take actions when necessary, of risk factors and opportunities that may affect the achievement of our organization’s goals, within the scope of corporate risk management approach, according to impact and possibility

Contribute for consumption of “Safe Food” by the society and to the development of the sector.

Act ahead of customer demands and expectations with its ever-increasing product variety, in addition to its classic flavors, always considering human health above all.
Be included among the unforgettable memories of people by accompanying many special moments in their lives.

Expand the large Pelit family by continuously developing the special bond it has established with its customers since 1957